RFXCOM - any interest in FunkBus, Edisio or other 868MHz types

After a very long time away, I'm working on an update to node-red-contrib-rfxcom. I've added a lot of new types, and I'm starting to look at adding the 868MHz-only protocols such as FunkBus, Edisio, and Orcon. I'm aware of one request for Orcon: is anyone in urgent need of one of the others? Please let me know either here or raise an issue on GitHub

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Glad to see you back in the saddle Max! :grinning:

I only have 433MHz so no need of 868 myself thanks (not sure it is even allowed in the UK?).

868 is absolutely allowed in UK. It used to be mainly more industrial devices - but now a lot of Lora devices are 868. Power budget is more prescriptive.

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No great rush so far!

I think I'll wrap up what I have done and publish an update anyway. This will include fixes for a number of outstanding GitHub issues, and a long-overdue serialport update