RFXCom (RFXtrx868X) - Orcon (node-red-contrib-rfxcom)

I'm trying to setup an RFXtrx868X in NodeRed.
It's just that I'm not sure if the current plugin ( node-red-contrib-rfxcom) supports the 868 Mhz.
I can't choose the Orcon as a Fan.
It works in the RFXMngr.

I suppose I could just sent the command with a "Serial Out", but if it can be done by the plugin that would be a great help.

I hope someone can help me out on this.

If your RFX device supports it and RFXmgr is working with it, it should work.

The problem is I don't know which what address I need to use.

In RFXMngr it is something like this:
23/12/2022 10:57:40:090= Fan command: 11 17 0C 18 76 96 C9 07 00 77 22 55 00 00 00 00 00 00
Packettype = Fan2
subtype = Orcon
Sequence nbr = 23
ID = 7696C9 decimal:7771849
Destination ID= 772255 decimal:7807572
Command = Auto
Signal level = +10 dBm

And I don't know how to translate this to the Node Red plugin.

If Orcon is fan subtype 0x0C, then sorry no, it's not currently supported, only subtypes up to 0x0B (Novy) are handled at present. I don't have an 868 MHz RFX to test with, and more important, I no longer have much free time at all to work on the nodes. Adding a new subtype requires work on the underlying node-rfxcom package, as well as the Node-RED nodes.

I’ve been in contact with Bert at RFXCOM about the new transceivers, including the 868MHz types. The communication protocol over the USB is basically unchanged, so they should be compatible with my node. But the developers SDK documentation is still being updated, so I can’t yet add the Orcon fan type. When I get the update I will do so