Sending Out Requests From Node-Red to Another Network

Hello Everybody, looking for some help today. I have some Amcrest Cameras that are on their own network. I wanted to send API requests to the camera to manipulate the settings, grab a photo, etc... I have the syntax of the API good to go but I am wondering if my computer has to be connected via VPN to do this remotely or the computer that the Node-Red instance is running off of(my computer is not running the Node-Red application) or if I could just configure a flow on Node-Red to set-up and connect to the VPN for the time needed to run the API request. Thanks, any help is appreciated.

Before looking at VPN's, you need to think about the logical connectivity between your server and the camera's.

Presumably, at some point the camera network connects to your other network(s). Usually via your router on a home network. Though it could be some other server acting as a router.

So the trick is to work out how to route the traffic accordingly.

sorry about the delay, thanks for the tips and with the help on the other topic, routing the traffic from the cameras network to my own personal one is not really an option for me. I can try another network I have access to, though other people depend on it, and the network has a lot more info coming in and out.