Show satellite map? (Central Europe - pizza delivery)

Maybe this is a bit off-topic, sorry for that.

I would like to show positions of the pizza-delivery boys (cars) on an OpenStreetMap, but doing it with satellite pictures. (I don't like "" pricing.)

(It seems much easier to me to collect, store, filter GPS data with NodeRed. :wink: )

I've found a method (detailed here) how I could get high quality raster images, but that "High Resolution Orthoimagery" sat images are only available for the USA territory and I need it for central Europe (Hungary 047°N 020°E).

If I zoom in to I can see excellent picture quality, so there must be an other sat. that provides that.

Does anyone know which one is it from those 427 ?

... or is there any other method of showing sat. images on OpenStreetmap freely without limit?

Have you looked at

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Wow! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
I'll try it out right now.

I've found this line:

  • layer - set map to specified base layer name - {"command":{"layer":"Esri"}}

Is there no limit to use this at all ?

Only one way to find out :smile_cat:

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