Worldmap accuracy

I am passing latitude and longitude of my location to worldmap. I chose OpenStreetmap. It shows my area but my spot is located on the opposite block of where I am.

Any advise please?

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How many digits lat/lon are you entering?
If you put those values directly into openstreetmap and google maps what do they show?

It shows the block opposite my block.

You need need maybe more decimal places on you coordinates. And you can verify with google that you coordinates are correct, like @Colin mentioned.

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How are you getting the co-ordinates in the first place ? eg mobile phone can easily "wander" +/- 50m as the satellites whizz past unless you can "see" 5 or so.

Can't complain at all.

Indeed, when using a phone to identify your location it can be a km or more out if it can't get a good GPS fix since it will use phone masts and Wi-Fi networks.

A good 2d fix should only need 3 satellites if I remember correctly. A minimum of 4 to get a 1/2 way decent 3d fix.

You can occasionally get poor map positioning if you are on a steep hillside as well since the maps use an idealised Earth shape and project to a flat plane. That can occasionally leave you a few metres out.

Well off-topic but a good way to catch out a flat-earther would be to get them to explain how GPS works.


Thank you everyone. And yes , the Lat and long from my GPS module is different from the ones obtained from Google map.

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