Slow Browser Response after Upgrade

I upgraded to 1.0.5, I love the new features and well done to the team!!
One thing that I have noticed is that my Chrome Browser will "hang" if I have moved to another tab and then back to node-red after a min or so. The browser will sometimes even report that the page is unresponsive. A "Fix" is to refresh the page.
Has anyone else experienced that same since the upgrade?

Can you confirm what version you have installed?

What you describe was a known issue in the recent 1.1.0 release and was resolved in 1.1.1. The latest release is 1.1.2.

None of which is 1.0.5.

Check the version from the bottom of the drop-down menu in the editor.

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Hey Nick , thank you for the response.
I was not sure so I ran the Upgrade script again. It reports 1.1.2 now. I will run it and report if it persists.

Again well done on the latest upgrade!

Update - After been away for 10 min all is ok , so I didn't have the correct update running....

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