[Solved] Debug sidebar clearing at random times

MacMini - macOS v10.14.6
Node-RED version: v1.0.6
Node.js version: v12.13.0
Darwin 18.7.0 x64 LE
Dashboard version 2.22.1 started at /ui

Every now and then my debug sidebar clears itself. One moment there are a bunch of debug messages and the next moment they are all gone.

The flow is listening for MQTT messages from a number of WeMos D1's running ESPeasy (weather information - Temperature, Humidity, Pressure) and writting the data to an influxdv. The WeMos's wakeup, send some data then go back sleep for a adjustable period of time.

In the flow, there is an option to wake any particular WeMos by sending a 'wake' command every 10 seconds (using the trigger node) until the device reports it is awake. It will then remain awake untill a sleep command is sent to it (or it s rebooted). A possible related/unrelated issue is that every now and then the trigger node will only send the message once - I haven't ben able to tie them together though.

Nothing is showing up in the NR log other than ordinary log messages. The project has 13 tabs with 292 various nodes.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I might trap/track what is happening?

Are you viewing the log filtered to "current flow" due to noise in other flows?

I believe the log is finite and shared across tabs - perhaps the other flows are noisy & the log is being filled + flushed?


Most of the time I do filter the flows to 'current tab' The MQTT messages all come on one tab and then are sent to other tabs to 'do their thing'. For instance, if a MQTT msg comes in from device1 with a temperature reading, it is sent to the 'Atmospheric' tab to check the range and then sent onto the 'Database' tab which sends it to Influx. Pressure and humidity are also sent to that tab while power readings - solar power, battery voltage - are sent to another tab for massaging before being sent to the database tab. For most of the devices, the readings come in at 10 minute intervals.

If could be what Steve suggests then. There is only one debug buffer and the messages from all flows go into that. It is of limited size and once it fills up then as new messages get added old ones get dropped. When you just show debug from the current tab other tabs may be filling up the buffer and when it fills up then the ones you are looking at get dropped off so they suddenly disappear for no apparent reason.

That must be what is happening. so it the buffer could only hold 50 msgs and msg 1 and 2 are on tab 3 and then 55 new debug msgs come in but none are for tab 3, the debug in tab3 will be cleared out. Makes perfect sence now.

Thanks Steve and Colin!

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