[Solved] Http nodes suddenly gone, please help

I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly all the http nodes are gone (http-in/out/response, etc.).
They are gone from the left selection panel and in flows that had them I now have a message that the nodes do not exist.
This is an installation of node-red on raspberry pi 3.
What should I do to restore the nodes? any idea why this happened?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The HTTP nodes are core nodes and I'm not sure how they could just disappear. I assume you still have the other core nodes such as inject and debug?

Are there any errors in the log when you start Node-RED?

How are you running Node-RED?

inject and debug are fine.
I'm running it as a service like the website instructs.
I'm running Node-Red 1.1.2 and node.js 12.18.1
There are no errors in the log
The tcp nodes are there and working, the problem is only with the olive colored http nodes.

** update: I completely re-installed node-red using the bash install script and everything is working again.

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