SOLVED - Server error when using mobile devices

I have a strange issue i cant sus out.
When i navigate to Node Red using my mobile devices, i get a error message saying cant connect to server, try again in x seconds.
But when i'm on my pc, i ahve no issues - So can't be a server issue-right?

Logs dont show any issues or errors, so i cant work out the cause
Any suggestions?

Obvious questions:

  • Is mobile WiFi on and connected?
  • is your mobile on same WiFi network as the node-red server?

If yes to both above...

  • List out the IP address, mask, gateway of your node-red, mobile and router.

Mobile and PC on same network. Mobile is on wifi
Node red on seperate vlan.
NR on .20 subnet
mobile/PC .1 subnet
Vlan routing rules in place

Nothing network wise has changed, and all was working just fine last week.
I even connect my mobile to the .20 network NR is on, and still get same error

Doing some more digging and found out what was wrong.
Samsung galaxy tab 'internet' browser!!!
tried a new browser and all works as it should be.

Dont know what changed in a recent update to the 'internet' browser, but something broke it...i'm not going to spend time to find out why/what!!

Easy fix - Change browser!!!

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