Sports Score Update/Light Flasher

With American Football season upon us, I thought it would be fun to build a sports score notifier that flashes lights team colors when they score. I use an app called "The Score" that sends me updates in real time. I'm wondering how I could pull the appropriate data from it and have it flash my lights.

If anyone has a good starting point or example that would really be great!

Can you post a link to find anything about that app you mentioned? Is it a website, or a phone app? If it's a phone app for android, the advanced instructions include decompiling the app, and reverse engineering to figure out where it gets that info from/how to work around that. Have done so a lot in the past, might be easy, might be super hard, can't say anything as it really depends on the level of the person who created the app and how good they are in hiding away that data...

There are quite a few sites out there that provide live feeds. You could either scrape a webpage, or use the feedparser node with an RSS feed.

I use the iPhone app, which sends iOS notifications based on the teams I select.

So how are you thinking of getting the data off your iPhone into Node-RED?

Iā€™d suggest the methods that @JayDickson mentioned might be easier

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I'm open to any/all methods. I was just suggesting "The Score" because it sends realtime updates. However, it appears the iOS notifications nodes, don't really allow you to work with incoming notifications, only create notifications.