SWITCH node - bug?

(Ok, no more "bug" section)

I am using a few switch nodes.

Alas they are BIG. Well, just now I am up to 14 outputs.

Recently when I open them, scrolling inside them is painful.

From memory the list starts at the bottom, but either way:
I want to get to the other end.
I start to scroll with the MMB.
So, I scroll and get to the other end of the list.
As soon as I stop, it jumps back to the original end of the list.

This happens for about 4 tries then it finally obeys me and stays scrolled at the other end.


It is not really practical sending in screen shots. It is a dynamic thing that won't really be seen with pictures.

There was a nice initiative few weeks ago to improve the rendering of the switch node.
I guess this improvement is already available in the latest release of Node-RED. At least I don´t perceive slowness in a testing switch with 21 outputs. Also I never noticed the behavior you mentioned in your post. This leads me to ask you the very well known question: in which version of Node-RED you are perceiving the issue ?

NR 0.20.5
Dashboard 2.16.3 - though I don't think that is relevant.
And node = 8.12.0 (just in case)

Oh, sorry, this is another "problem"

When I want to add another switch.

I see this:

But I can't get to it.

I have to close the node and re-enter it.

Never experienced that. May you perhaps do a quick testing using Chrome instead of Firefox ?

OK, shall try to remember.

Still doing massive re-work on a lot of flows.

All flows are password protected and I don't have the passwords handy.