Synchronising Y axis autoscale on 2 chart nodes

I have 2 chart nodes displaying temperatures from 2 separate sensors side by side. In both nodes the Y axis Max & Min properties are left intentionally blank so that the charts auto-scale. However, even a few degrees difference between the Max/Min ranges will obviously make the scales vary and this introduces a degree of confusion when glancing at the screen.

Is it possible to synchronise the 2 chart nodes auto-scale, so that the Y axis Max & Min appear the same on both?

Here's an example of suggested min max
For chart. It takes to send same information for both charts but as it will be overwritten whenever min or max will go over boundaries you should figure out some logic to update chart configs when needed.

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Many thanks for that - it points me in the right direction.

I had wondered if YMax and Ymin values were available from the node when autoscaling. I could then take the larger of the Max and smaller of the Min and set them both accordingly but that could end up in a messy perpetually-correcting loop.

I shall knock up a quick function node and feed it with the two incoming values and write a comparator to determine range and scale both chart nodes accordingly.

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