Synchronization between gist and

I have created this flow.
Currently, the synchronization between gist and failed without any message.

Do you know what is happening?

Hi @malys

I'm not seeing any errors in the logs when I request it to refresh the flow - so the short answer is I'm not sure why it isn't syncing. I'll need to dig into the code to remind myself how it's meant to work and how it might be failing - this isn't an area of code that has changed in literally years.

the synchronization at the beginning worked well but after updating my flow with new features, the process fails without any feedback.
I have created a github's issue: Flow synchronization failed with github · Issue #108 · node-red/flow-library · GitHub
but I haven't received answer.
Thank you for your help.

@malys I did see the issue when you raised it, and at the time as I couldn't see a quick answer in the logs to give you, I parked it and then failed to come back to it - my apologies for that.

I will try to dig into it this week.

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Hello @knolleary, Do you understand what's happening ?
Thansk for your help.

If you want I can do some tests for you if it's helping?


Hi @malys

The short answer is your flow is too big. You could try minifying the JSON and then see if it refreshes.

The long answer is; the github api we use to refresh the flow returns the full contents of each file in the gist up to a certain limit. Beyond that limit it returns a truncated version and you have to make additional api calls to retrieve the full version. Currently the flow library doesn't know how to do that second part so it rejects the refresh attempt.

I'll look at what is needed to get this working properly - but also to see why it wasn't getting logged properly and a better response passed back to the user.

I've just pushed a fix that handles larger files (not unlimited... just a bit bigger) - and adds feedback to the refresh button to let you know if you've hit a limit.

I've refreshed your flow and it is now up to date.

Many thanks.
what is the limit?

I will minify JSON and reduce image size.

The image size is not relevant - we don't pull that into our database.

The file limit is 300k

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