Tab links are underlined on one NR instance

Just in case someone has seen this and knows what the issue is :slight_smile:

My main Win10 NR instance has gone old school internet hyperlinking and is underlining the tabs and the deploy button!

Doesn't matter where I view the editor from (same machine or different machine on the same LAN)

All other NR instances (inc other ones running on same machine) are fine

Switching off and on again has not cured it :slight_smile:

And in other news - I can't seem to place this in Bug reports category - its not showing up in my list of options :frowning:

What 'bug reports' category are you referring to? There isn't such a category in this forum.

What browser are you using? Has this spontaneously started happening or can you relate it to when something was upgraded/changed in your environment?

did you try clearing the browser cache or another browser?

I'd forgotton that there isn't a bug report category here #LOL

Just started happening a few days ago - maybe its being caused by a contrib node? I'll try removing any ones I can remember installing recently

@zenofmud I even switched on an old laptop not used for 6 months and that did the same so not browser cache issue

Is it all links ? or just those... presumably something must be polluting the CSS for that class on that machine.

If you right click on the tab, select 'inspect element' you'll get the dev tools open. From there...

  1. you should see a <span> is selected - select its parent <a> tag
  2. Select the computed styles tab
  3. Filter the list for decoration
  4. Hover over the text-decoration-line entry. It should have a value of none. If it doesn't, then click on the arrow next to its value to take you to where that css is declared.

This is what the declaration should be:

But if something is overriding it, this should give a bit more of a clue where. It should have a link in the top right corner to take you to where it was added to the page. The hard part is due to the dynamic way we load node configs, it may not be instantly apparent where its coming from - but it may help you dig around.

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How deep do these rabbit holes go! :slight_smile:
Seems something called important has something to do with it

Removed a node that I installed a few days ago - node-red-contrib-virtual-smart-home - and the underlines have gone


Apologies for the undesired "styling" effects caused by 'virtual smart home'. It's fixed in v.1.6.3 and released just now.


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