Telegram IMDb Bot

Hey all.

Before I try to re-reinvent the wheel as the official @IMDB bot on Telegram doesn't work anymore.... This bot is super handy but it seems to have been broken for quite some time now.

Has anyone already created a new working version of this bot here in the NR forums? I've had a google search etc and can't see that anyone has created one yet.

Or can anyone point me in the right direction with the below info.

What I do have working so far is literally the ability to take results from an inline query, I'm not sure how I would then be able to present that information back the user in the same function as the current official Telegram IMDb bot does.

Via a different flow I'm able to ping the IMDb API with the movie title and it then responds back with the movie info, so I have that

Example of the current Telegram official IMDb bot

Is the IMDB a "feed" that you can keep polling to get new entries or do you need to send it a specific query?

The former is easier to set up as all you need is to get the data into Node-RED (probably using an HTTP request node?) and reformat it to send it to the Telegram node.

For individual requests, you need to set up your bot to allow users to type in a query, something like /imdb Star Wars - you need a Telegram listener node in Node-RED to recieve the command, you need to sanitise the input data, format the data for the IMDb query, send it to the API, get the result back, refomat the result, send it to Telegram.

I'm looking not to use triggers but to use the autocomplete style @imdb version instead as you can see in the screenshot below. I've learnt to already do this with triggers, sorry if I didn't make that clear in my initial post

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