Telegram node error

Hi all!.

I have been using the Telegram RedBot node without problem, but with some reason it says me this error image
I get this error using a function node after the telegram redbot node, maybe it has something to do with it.

And if i replace the telegram node with this one image i get this error image

Thanks a lot!

I would suggest the Error 409 is indicating your issue. You cannot run more than one bot instance per device. Are you?

Yes i know what the error means. The thing is why i cannot use two versions of telegram node at the same time?

And i weird the other error i get using the redbot node telegram.

Anyone could fix this error?

Most of us don't use the redbot nodes I don't think but rather the simpler telegram nodes.

If there is an issue with the redbot nodes, you will need to raise an issue on the authors GitHub.

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