Text-to-Audio on dashboard

I've successfully created a flow whereby I can enter text on the dashboard and have NR generate computer audio of the text. I would next like to setup a flow where if a condition exist, the computer will "alert" me with text-to-audio but if I do not have the dashboard page where this flow resides active, I can not get NR to generate the audio. Is there some way to do this or is this a limitation of the audio feature of NR?

I think if NR isn't running on the same device that is displaying the dashboard then the answer is probably going to be no as relying on the browser to play the audio.

Yes. You can either play audio on the server or in the browser client. If on the server then I think it is the play-audio node. Though there are several others I think. If in the browser then the audio node has an option to play while hidden but the browser does have to be running of course.

That relies on browsers not sleeping background tabs which seems to be their main aim in life nowadays :slight_smile:

But the OP might be lucky :slight_smile:

Indeed. Used to be fine. Less so these days.

FWIW I've found that just running a single tab inside an instance of a browser (Vivaldi on a Pi4) will run forever as neither the OS or the browser try to make it sleep

@dceejay... I've looked at the node config to get the audio to work if the browser is open but in a different tab (not the one with the text-to-audio) and am unable to find anything. Do you know where this setting is located (play when hidden)?

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