The data displayed in the output window is incomplete

I read the data from the database and output it through the debug node, but when the data length is too long, the display is incomplete, using the ...

Imagine what will happen if all the data was printed out all the time ....
Specially with the low end machines ..
We are humans, we can't read 1000+ entries from array. It just does not make sense.
Long data is cut to reasonable length just to keep your computer responsive. There is many ways to debug smaller portions of large datasets. But for now, there is not much information shared to give any specific advise.

thank you ļ¼ŒBut, is there a way to display the full data

Write it as text file using file node or make csv with csv node and see it with excel or format data to be able to represent it with some chart ....

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thank you so much

Or set the debug node to output to the console and then the full data will appear in the node red log.

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