Thought / question about when building dashboards

I know there is little/no correlation between the edit tabs and the dashboard.
Ok, none.

But for what stuff I have done, I usually make a tab and that tab has its own dashboard page.

When I am adding new dashboard things to that page it is not nice how they are allocated to the dashboard name.

Say all/most of the items are on the dashboard called Fred.

It would be nice if: when I drag a (say) button onto that edit page it is defaulted to be on Fred.

Then when I am editing it to which group, it is at least already pointing to Fred.

Typically, the later on I am doing dashboard work, the further down the list the name is.
And fair enough. I think it is LILO. Last In, Last Out. Kind of naming.

But then when I drag the button (eg) node, I have to click on the edit part and scroll way way way down to the bottom.

I know (probably) what I am asking is fanciful. But I can only ask.

Is it possible? Or more so: viable?

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