Tinkerboard GPIO issues

Hi there, anyone tried Node-red on tinkerboard yet? im having trouble getting to use the gpio pins.


have tried with the node-red-contrib-gpio, it looked as if it could possibly work with the Particle/tinker option,
atleast it does not report any error, but hangs on “connecting”.
all other functions are lightning fast compared to rpi3b+, would be nice to be able to use the gpios as well


Any thoughts? im determined to get this functioning, but i need some help. what ive seen sofar, the tinkerboard is a beast compared to the rpi3b+


If you want to use it to control GPIO pins I think you’ll have to write a node yourself.

AFAIK - the major use case of these is for 4K video - being a “beast” isn’t really relevant for GPIO stuff

All my Node-RED IoT is running on PiZeros :slight_smile:


hehe, the beast ref is to other parallel functions, and reason for wanting gpio control


Enabling GPIO pins

I used orange gpio and set it in (other) and put the numbers in pin 8 (161) place 161 and so with the others, but the outputs work fine, but the inputs give problems, and I agree that it is a tremendous plate , since I developed an application in rpi and the more the application increased the slower it became, instead with tinkerboard everything flows very fast. I hope someone develops something for tinkerboar.