Trigger Automation in Home Assistant Not Working

I have a very basic flow to test home assistant integration by trying to trigger an automation. I setup the server and can see it's connected by the sheer fact that all the drop downs are filled up with information from Home Assistant. I attempted to set this simple flow to just trigger an automation that really doesn't do anything, but I would expect to see it triggered with an updated trace when this flow is deployed. There are no errors (or messages) in the debug console and the console log shows a connection to HA every time I do deploy it, just nothing on HA to indicate it's getting through or error logs there either.

Console showing connection during flow:

node-red-2 | 4 Jul 01:22:43 - [info] [server:Home Assistant] Connecting to
node-red-2 | 4 Jul 01:22:43 - [info] [server:Home Assistant] Connected to

HA Version: 2023.2.5
Node-Red Version: v3.0.2

Add a debug node to see what you are sending to the HA node

That green node in the screen shot is a debug node but nothing shows up in the debug view. No errors, no messages, nothing.

That is showing what is coming out of the HA node. The question is, what is going into it (if anything)?

Dumb mistake. Thought I was triggering that flow but it wasn't getting triggered. Once I did that, things started working and debugging as expected.

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The moral is, if a node is not behaving as you expect, then first check what you are sending to it.

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