Trying to understand why PCF8574 model is trying to compile old version of epoll?

I am trying to load the PCF8574 module for NR. It is ancient so not surprised I am running into issues. But one specific issue, has me... confused I guess.

I explicitly loaded the latest version of the dependencies for PCF8574, per the package,json. These load fine into npm of course. I then try to load PCF8574... thinking I might get it to load but fail at some point. But the install is trying ot compile a very old version of epoll. But epoll is not referenced as a dependency that I can find.
For example...

make: Entering directory '/home/pi/.node-red/node_modules/pcf8574/node_modules/epoll/build'

Since the install of PCF8574 module fails, I can't find it under .node-red/pcf8574 directory. Is there a staging area for installs, other than node_modules directory?

If it is this lib then it has a dependency to an old version of onoff which has a dependency on an old version of epoll

This lib is 3y of and possibly abandoned.

Yup, I gave up as it got more twisted, the more I tried solve the issue. Does not appear there are any current/recent node modules for the simple PCF8574 GPIO expansion boards? I use a few of these to drive multiple relay boards, ganged Mosfets, etc.

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