Tuya and NodeRed


I've got a Tuya controlled WIFI device and have managed to successfully implement a flow using node red contrib tuya local.

The node used in this calls for an IP address. My Tuya device obtains an IP address via DHCP from my router. I have many devices connected to my router. My concern is if I lose power, all of the devices may obtain different IP address'

This will result in an error as the wrong IP address' will be present within the tuya nodes. Is there any way to overcome this?

You should be able to assign a fixed IP address to the device in your router. As each router is different, you will need to look at your routers documentation to learn how to do this.

If it is not possible to tell the device to use a fixed ip address, then it should be possible to tell your router to fix the address for each device. Most routers have this capability, though some ISPs make it difficult to get to the advanced settings in the router. If you can't find it then Google will probably help. If not then buy a decent router.

thanks all, I have a netgear ORBI so it's easy enough to do!

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