Type already registered when updating

I am trying to update node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel, but it shows "Type already registered" in the palette.

I believe the reason is related to a conflict with node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2, which I cannot uninstall as some of the nodes seem to be in use.

Is there a way to force the uninstall of the latter?

Make sure to delete all alexa-remote2 nodes in any flows, also goto config in sidebar and delete any unused nodes there also. You should then be able to remove via the pallete.

My understanding is that the two contribs use the same nodes. So if I delete all alexa-remote2 nodes, this will remove a lot of my configuration.

Perhaps I have misunderstood. If so, how can I find out where all the alexa-remote2 nodes are? And when I show a node which I believe is alexa-remote2 (and not applestrudel), how can I be sure?

In the config sidebar - all flows, how many remote2's do you have?

Hi - I'm going to respond to this, after I have unbricked my Node-RED installation completely ... writing another post about that now!

Okay - so I have 20 remote2s. It's not a massive hassle to delete and recreate them, but is there a better way?

Check if any say they are unused and remove those

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