Type Error on dragging a node from the node palette on NR v0.20.6

I'm a contribution node developer. I received an issue report from my node users. They say as of NR v0.20.6, dragging a node (node-red-contrib-lwm2m node) from the node palette didn't work properly.

So I looked into the issue and found a weird Type Error occurred when I was dragging the above node from the palette to the editor area on Node-RED v0.20.6.
Browser said:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '$("#"+e.target.id).offset().left')

The weird thing is the error was never thrown when I use the node from GitHub version of Node-RED v0.20.6. The NPM version of NR caused the error.

You can reproduce it with node-red-contrib-lwm2m node, which I developed.

How can I resolve it?
And, according to the user report, v0.20.5 did work fine without any errors so something changed in v0.20.6, I guess but don't have any idea of the resolution after reading the release note.

I've seen two reports of this on the NR slack this week. @knolleary mentioned it will be fixed on 0.20.7, but seeing how the report never made it to this forum I'll add screenshots from the slack below.

So for future people searching for the post, here's what's going on.

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Thank you for the quick response. I missed the conversation.
Will check the next release!