UI Display not showing full graph after reset

This may be a pretty juvenile question but I am having trouble with my UI where it will not display in full after a reset. I move about nodes and do full and modified deploys but it will work again after a bit of messing. I need this to run from immediatley as I'm displaying real time data from a machine. See pics below on what it should look like and what happens after a reset.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have size set to auto in template node following the average-bars node?

yes sizes are at auto. The double graph pic is through MQTT and the first graph is the display of the machine singulary. i have 4 machines running through mqtt but the display above in ui is not complete.

I think the widget does not like the auto. Try with some size defined.

Worked a treat with sizing manually.
Thank you for your help @hotNipi