Ui-level color Change


I started recently to create custom panels with Node RED and Dashboard.

Ui-level is very useful to get sort of audio-meters. I'd like the meter to turn greyed with the source is muted. However it seems not possible to control the meter color from an external msg ? Could someone confirm ?

Thanks !!

Confirmed. Also if you read the nodes info page, it tells that the widget is not perfect choice for audio metering. But feel free to try, just watch the overall performance.

Ok, Thanks. Would have been great but I can do with it.

As for audio and perf, I don't really need high performance, so I'm sending round values from what I get from the device....

BTW, Any chance you can point me to maybe a more audio-oriented tool ?


Performance wise such gauge should be created on top of web audio api. It of course can be done using the ui_template node . Never tried but there is plenty of examples you can find world wide. And no, I haven't seen any ready made audio related widget for dashboard.

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