Unable to change layout group

Yesterday I reinstalled my Ubuntu and installed brand new Node-red with newest 1.28 version. Since then I have problem using change group layout. I cannot move items on layout:
Cursor is changed but clicking/holding mouse button is not working.

I reported this as new version bug but I was pointed here. I do not want to discuss, however after installation of brand new Node-red ver. 1.28 I copied ~/.node-red folder from old computer to new one so I believe dashboard and other stuff remained as they were on prev Node-red installation ver. 1.26. On that one all was working OK.
Has anyone observed the same problem? Any solution?

There were some recent fixes in this area in the dashboard - so ensure that is latest version also.

Thanks, I confirm, update dashboard from 2.62.2 to 2.27.0 helped.

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