Updated Node-RED 0.19.5 = Waiting for missing types to be registered?


Hi Colin,

I will look in a few minutes, I am just doing a save disk image on that PC



  "name": "node-red-project",
  "description": "A Node-RED Project",
  "version": "0.0.1",
  "private": true,
  "dependencies": {
    "node-red-contrib-moment": "~3.0.1",
    "node-red-contrib-ramp-thermostat": "~0.6.0",
    "node-red-contrib-simple-gate": "~0.1.7",
    "node-red-contrib-thingspeak42": "~0.1.4",
    "node-red-contrib-throttle": "~0.1.6",
    "node-red-dashboard": "^2.11.0",
    "node-red-node-sqlite": "^0.3.5"

yes there is a big , package-lock.json file


That all looks right. Someone like @dceejay would have to confirm this, but I think that updating node.js may require the nodes to be reinstalled as they may need to be recompiled for the new node.js. I think that since you have them in package.json now you could probably have done that just by

cd ~/.node-red
npm install

Thanks Colin,

I have messaged dceejay


Have you read the docs? https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/upgrading



Yes I did look at it, but did not understand all of it.
I did do sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

Looks like the only thing i missed doing was npm rebuild
I think that would have reinstalled and updated my nodes ?


Rebuild does what it says. It rebuilds any nodes that have binary bits inside so they match the level required by node.js. So yes needs to be done on major node.js level updates.

It won’t update or upgrade versions, you need to use npm outdated and npm update to update them to newer



Thank you for that conformation