Upgrade to v1.0.2 - extremely slow (RESOLVED)

After upgrading to v1.0.2, my NR editor is really slow, e.g. 30-90 second page load time from F5 refresh, and it takes a long time (between 10 and 20 seconds) to register a mouse press, or for the cursor to change depending on moving around in the view.

When I first upgraded, it wasn't noticeably laggy, however within about 5 minutes of having admin open in the browser straight after this, it became increasingly so.

  • Tested in Windows 10, both Chrome & Firefox
  • I have rebooted the Ubuntu server on which NR runs
  • Browser console shows no errors
  • Network trace in the browser (note, page starts showing at 35 seconds in this instance):

Any clues where to start with this?

Do I need to wipe my config and slowly re-introduce nodes?

Fixed: So I temporarily removed my flows_server.json, reloaded the admin interface to a blank setup, then put the flows file back, and it was a lot faster. Then I split some nodes out into a new flow tab, and page loads continue to be back to normal. I'll leave this post, as maybe this will help someone?