Viability for this? Touch screen login/out project

I am kinda cringing at the politics involved, but it is a challenge kind of in my world just now.

I'm in a club and there is a sign in/out book.
It is not kept well, and other suggestions are being asked.

A 12 inch touch screen and RasPi?


The screen has a couple of areas:
The alphabet and the names.

Other things that may be needed:

Daily attendance numbers.
Daily Go to person's name.
Previous day people not signed out.

Maybe other stuff for logistics.

But all in all I don't see problems getting NR to do something like that.

At my GP surgery they have a tablet to sign in for appointments.
The prompts are
Touch the screen to start
What month were you born? (12 buttons)
What day were you born? (31 buttons)
Are you Winston Smith? (Yes/No)

They seem to have nailed minimal input to sign in.

Since any group is bound to have more than one person with the same birthday, you could combine the sign in process with facial recognition to narrow down the "Are you ..." options and avoid revealing other people's birthdays.

You could even encourage sign-in with some sort of token system, one for each (daily) login to contribute towards a free drink, reduced price Christmas Barbie etc.

Yeah, but I am not sure how the people at that place would like their details on the computer.
(Not very knowledgeable on how computers work.)

There are about 100 people in the list.
Some probably hardly ever show up, but....

Giving each person a QR code/card would be good too.
But the idea of having to make new cards for new members could be time costly.

But the way I was suggesting is they press the letter for either their first/last name and be shown a short list of people with that letter.

So they just press their name when it is shown on the screen.

Same when leaving.

In the UK if you store users personal details on a computer you need to comply with various regulations (GDPR). Check whether this is the case for you before starting anything like that.

If they don't want their details on the computer then there is not much you can do.

Well the way I was thinking is just their names in a list.

They come in and click on their name from the list.

When leaving: same.

The other little bits on top of it as mentioned in the first post.

It just doesn't seem that difficult and I am wondering if it is worth me offering it as an option.

Not to complicate/confuse things... Something else which may be handy to have.

A screen which shows who is in that day.

So maybe a new main screen which shows the list of people who have signed in (and not out) today.

Then a press button to sign in at the bottom.

Screen rotated to be portrait shape.

I've heard about these Australian 'clubs' :wink::wink::wink:

Yeah, well... Not a naughty club.

Just the existing powers are all in a huge discussion about daily attendance.

So to make it easier (dunno) a screen (touch?) is there. Portrait shape.

Screen 1

Top line - 1 line - showing date/time.
Line 2 - the go to person for that day.
Next line/s - list of people signed in.
Bottom line - press to sign in

Screen 2

From line 3 on wards - the alphabet
Bottom line - back. (exit?)

Screen 3

From line 3 - list of peoples name determined from previous screen.
Second bottom line - that's me
Bottom line - back.

Then why not use RFID-Chipcards/tokens? can get them cheap .. all that is needed is to store a list (in a safe) collecting the info which token belongs to whom on it once...your system does not even need to know the personal data.


Yeah, ok.

RFID tags are possible.

RFID readers aren't that hard to use in NR - are they?

Ok, I guess that depends on the machine used.

For a RPi, I think the interface is USB/serial based.
AFAIK, there are two frequencies, (125kHz or 13,56MHz) ... You'll need to decide for one

You could create two versions/flow ...

  1. recording RFID and allocating it to a name, then store that list in a safe place
  2. recording RDIF incoming/going on your club site.
    Edit: My wallbox offers to use these for start charging, where the Wallbox is installed in public places. The "controller" inside is a RPi-3B ... the RFID Kit costs around 30EUR, Reader with 5 Tokens.


I may not go too far down the RPi hole just now.

It may not be a RasPi. I'm saying that as it isn't a huge PC eating power that is on all the time.
A RasPi isn't a big power user.

USB/Serial use is pretty universal, isn't it?
Your solution would need a case big enough to store the reader, or a more elegant reader with a single desktop case and cable.

Like this (not that elegant, but recognisable, hence).

Yeah, thanks.


I found a USB - RFID for $20 AU.

That (the one you showed me) is (about) $70 AU

Yeah, the case for the whole thing needs considering.
But not impossible.

I don't think I could rely on myself to remember an RFID tag or a QR code.

I guess I could get the QR code tattooed on my wrist but not if I had to change it every year with renewed membership.

It's not the sort of club where members might take the login machine home with them for their own IOT projects?

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Which is why I originally put that the list of names is shown.

Kind of easier to do.

Yes, sorry, this was picked only by the's another one

Don't worry.

It is still only conceptual as I don't even know if it will happen.

I have to suggest the idea, and it be accepted.

....then, maybe place the hint that these Cards/Fobs can be individualised (offset printing, like with a theme or logo)...there are special shops out there, that have this on offer

OMG! Is that really how it works? Do they assume that there is one one person with the same birth date registered at the surgery! Or do they throw up a list of names (which would need reporting as that would be a serious Information Governance and patient safety issue!).

I think Andrew may be in Oz? If so, I think their requirements are also quite stringent.

However, some of this will come down to what kind of club is this? Do you have a constitution of some kind? Is there already an agreement for the club to manage a membership list? (Almost certainly there will be).

Yes, this is no different from having a paper sign-in/-out book. Other than a need to keep the thing safe(ish) when not in use.

This stuff is all just detail, all perfectly possible once you have the basics going.

Not unreasonable desire by the club. And a screen with Node-RED would be perfect - AS LONG AS .... the club doesn't suffer from people stealing stuff! :frowning: You might need to mount the tablet in something large and solid. :rofl:

Why? Very complex and requires management and admin. The idea of a simple list seems a lot easier.

Trust me, cards/fobs - they will get lost, they need managing, they cost money, they need more managing, they get lost again! Do everyone a favour and keep things simple.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!"

A simple single screen backed by a simple list of members and a reasonably smart input filter so nobody needs to type more than a couple of letters of their name. Ideally with the tablet running in Kiosk mode to stop people messing with it. Send the data to MQTT, InfluxDB or wherever so that you can do the other information stuff elsewhere.