Virtual Gateway in LoRaWAN with Node-Red

Good morning,
I am trying to implement a LoRaWANRelay, as explained in the following
Node-Red is required in order to create a virtual gateway, that has to be registered also in the TTN console. I have followed all the step of the explained procedure but I have some problems: first of all, in the debug I have the error "Error: not running" for the node in the lowest part of the flow, but all the parameters are correct; moreover, the previous block starting from the MMouseTest, seems not to work, indeed I don't have any information on the Node-RED Dashboard, or neither on the Virtual Gateway on the TTN Console. Can anybody help me? Thank you.

just tried this and changing the udp port & address to junk and there is No error or can't connect msg in debug. Can you telnet onto the TTN ports?

Also this was a workshop in Jan wonder if TTN have changed anything?

Also try upping the log level on NR to trace in Settings.js
// trace - record very detailed logging + debug + info + warn + error + fatal errors