Weird hanging line in editor - reproducible NR v3.0.1

NR v3.0.1
node.js v14.16.0
macOS v12.5
Happens using Safari, FireFox and Chrome

1 - Open any flow with multiple tabs
2 - go to the last tab
3 - click on the output of any node and stretch out a line but do not connect it to anything
4 - keep holding the mouse down and press ctrl-shift-back arrow

You should be transfered to the first tab of the flow and the line will be just hanging there not connected to anything. It will show on each tab you have and you can not select it.

A refresh of the screen will make it vanish.

NOTE: this does not happen in version 2.1.4

Thanks for the report even if it does make me think of the great Tommy Cooper. ..

"I said to the doctor, 'It hurts when I do this' [raises arm]. He said, 'Well, don't do it.'"


I only stumbled on it when I was looking at another users issue and trying to reproduce it. When it happened I just said "Wow, that's weird" :grin:

It's my entry in the 'Weirdest bug of the year"

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I almost dislocated my thumb trying to reproduce it on my laptop & trackpad!
It happened once, cant make it do it again. Should have got a photo!

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