What's going on when making a post and the preview window?

I just posted a long question.

The screen is split in the middle (left/right) to the edit and preview.
Fair enough and until now it hasn't been too much of a problem.

But today, the synchronisation between the two was....... way off.

I had a few screen shots, granted.

But when I was scrolling one screen, say 3 lines, the other would scroll 3 screens.

Very hard to get the two of them both showing the same part of the post.

Am I (again) missing an elephant somewhere?

I've seen the same thing and expect it has to do with images or posted code and how Discourse handles them. I just ignore/live with it.

If you are really interested in figuring this out, you might want to do a google search of go to the discourse website and see if you can ask there. However you might not find an answer or find there is any solution.

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Ok. I'm not going to worry about it. (Or try at least.)

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