Whatsapp notifications node

Now that I think about it .... Aha! Thank you!

If its vpn related then I can't use this whin node.
I can't load the vpn on my router as it makes some Chinese sites inaccessible or very slow, so I can't check or open port 30883. My local server is vpn connected all the time and my laptop and phone when required.
It's a shame but it looks like I will have to go back to using Telegram.

hi @rha10,

I still don't get the problem you're having, but makes perfect sense to keep using telegram. We have a bunch of stuff leveraging telegram bots, and we're not planning to migrate that to any other messaging platform :slightly_smiling_face: We're big fans of Telegram, it's way more open and powerful than any other alternative out there.

In fact, we created this nodes cause we needed to get into whatsapp a fraction of the (many) states we got on our telegram bots realm flows.

If this is also your case, check out this flow we shared some time ago to "connect" both realms:
telegram to whatsapp flow

have a nice day! :+1:

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Hi @lu4t ,

As mentioned before I live in China and to use WhatsApp or Telegram I need to use a VPN connection. I use an Rpi4 for my local server which via mqtt monitors and controls various IoT in my home, security cameras and calls "western" API's for weather, AQI and financial exchange rates and this server is permanently connected using ExpressVPN .
The whin-send node works a treat every time and is just what I wanted, but for some reason the whin-receive node will not "listen to whatsapp". Whether that is VPN related or port related I don't know.
Looking at the ExpressVPN details the only way I can setup or check if the port (30883) is allowed is to have the VPN loaded on my router and I can not do that.
@alsak0de asked me to try the 2 way messaging feature and provide feedback, I have tried and it would seem that for me it will not work.
Telegram suits all my needs but I would still prefer to use WhatsApp, my location and connection requirements are probably very different from the vast majority of node red users who are interested in this WhatsApp messaging feature, Chinese people are only interested in using WeChat.
I'm retired and have a lot of spare time so I'm happy to continue with this subject and provide feedback if you feel there is more we can do.

I get it now; but still, there's nothing meaningful on all you said that would prevent you from connecting to the outside world from you Rpi. Installing the vpn on the router, even if you could, would not make a difference in my view.

You should be able to check ports status (if they're available, opened or closed) from a terminal on your RPi. I would also check if UFW is started on the RPi,...

Anyhow, I do not see here anything related with whin-receive

I am not a VPN user, but I am happy to help you debug what's going on your end, all I ask is we keep that conversation out of this thread because I don't believe the community here is interested on that (send me a PM and we will take it from there).

Have a great weekend! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: