Why are the dashboard LED sizes different on different machines?

(I'm not having a good day)

Machine 1:
NR 2.1.4
Dashboard 2.28.1
LED 0.4.9

Machine 2:
NR 2.1.4
Dashboard 2.26.2
LED 0.4.8 (Ok there's one difference)

But here's what I'm seeing as size difference.

Machine 1:

Tiny winy LEDs.

Machine 2:

Screenshot from 2022-02-23 21-47-23

HUGE icons.

I'm not saying I want them all that big.

But wow....

I think I know what I'm about to be told.

Looking in the library I don't know how to see past versions and what was done with updates.
(I'm stupid. I admit it.)

Start by using the same versions of dashboard and led node, in case that is the difference.

There was a bug with the sizing in v0.4.8, which I reported back then here:

and here

With the newer versions, you can select between circle and square shaped LEDs.

I use them a lot on my current dashboards and haven't had any problems with the recent versions, so I think it's safe to update them.

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