Why TTN ceases Node-Red support

I recently saw that The Things Network stopped all support for Node-Red. Also, Multitech has dropped Node-Red from their routers. Does anyone know why?

You would have to ask them, but from a look at the Things Network docs, they have deprecated use of their Python, Java and Node.js SDKs as well as Node-RED. It looks like they will only continue to support their Go libraries. So my guess would be they are focussing their resources.

As for Multitech - I hadn't seen anything specific - do you have a link to where that news was shared? Again, we in the Open Source community don't have any particular insight into what a company chooses to do.

Here is the link for the Multitech announcement: https://info.multitech.com/acton/ct/27728/s-02dd-2007/Bct/l-016b/l-016b:539/ct3_0/1?sid=TV2%3AgR4WlisWF

That announcement has explained why they are doing it. It explains this only applies to their mPower 5.3 firmware and that their Conduit 300 will have support for Node-RED.

  • Current mPower versions (mPower 5.2.X and earlier) support Node-RED version 0.15.3
  • The requirement to upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1 in mPower 5.3.X means that the Conduit family of
    programmable gateways can no longer support Node-RED applications due to security protocol
    vulnerabilities that exist within Node-RED 0.15.3.
  • Node-RED will be supported in a new MultiTech gateway: The Conduit 300 IoT Programmable
    Gateway. The Conduit 300 is currently available as a developer kit and is expected to be released for
    general availability in 2021.

The only clarification I'd make to their statement is that the protocol vulnerabilities with OpenSSL will be in the underlying Node.js runtime they have, not Node-RED itself, and that they aren't able to update node.js.

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