ZWave.js wont install on synology nas

i am trying to install ZWave.js on a synology nas box, Node red installed perfectly and runs properly and other nodes all loaded apart from ZWave.js which fails on serial port fault, i can show the fault log if anyone has any ideas?


Hi @magicman,

Is this node-red-contrib-zwave-js (a node I am the author of).

if so, please ensure you have met these requirements.

is this using docker? if so ensure it has access to the serial ports on the device.
Sadly - if there is something that needs to be configured in syno (or even docker) I won't be much help, as I do not use either

Fault log will indeed help

ty for replying @marcus-j-davies we have spoke before and you have always been of excellent help.

I am running node red and your excellent node on a linux sever and all is good but required a back up server and decided to use a nas box i have. .All went well until the install of ZWave i have subsequently
found the python version onboard the synology nas is V2.7 so looking at ways to upgrade that first. then maybe back in touch! :slight_smile:

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pulled this error log after zwave js install failed....

Hi @magicman

The module uses serialport which is used to speak to your USB ZWave Device.
the serialport package searches for a pre-built binary (it uses Native NodeJS Module)

and if one isn't found for your environment it will build one.
hence this wiki entry...


so with this in mind, serialport couldn't find a binary, so needed to build - but your system does not have make - not found: make - I don't use a Syno - but presumably you can use its package manager to install make via its terminal?

Note: I have heard of many stories that syno is heavily restricted in accessing its hardware (i.e serial port devices) - so your mileage may vary.

Again, I don't use syno - so cant offer much in the way of help with it - I'm sure there are a few users around here, that does.

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hi @marcus-j-davies as you predicted the synology nas is hard work addressing its usb port, so we have purchased a new server pc and installed it on there , running smoothly.

on a side note can i ask when editing a zwave device-node there is a check box labelled isolated getvalue? what is its purpose?

thanks @magicman

Hi @magicman

If you have 2 device-nodes, that happen to be configured in such a way that they are both subscribed to the same node.

Executing getValue on one of them, will mean they will both get the response.
this isn't always suited for some setups.

This is why I invented Isolated getValue
it means if a device-node has this checked, then only that device-node will get the response from getValue providing its this instance of the device node that queried it.

You have 2 device nodes (A, B) - lets say for Node 32. A has Isolated GetValue

A requests a value = Its only A that receives it
B requests a value = A and B both get it.

Because A's Get Value Request is Isolated.

hope that makes sense

hi @marcus-j-davies yes i understand and am playing around with this feature as we speak thank you for replying

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