[Announce] node-red-contrib-twc-weather

If you have a Personal Weather Station registered to wunderground and miss getting data into Node-RED, you might want to check out node-red-contrib-twc-weather. It uses the TWC PWS apis instead of the depreciated / sunset wunderground API.

Feedback welcome!
-- John


Thanks @johnwalicki John,

This is really great, Works very nicely. I will have much fun this.


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I've been looking for a twc node-red forum, and this is the closest I could find. I've gotten node-red setup and successfully showing it's web page. If there is a better place to post this please let me know.

I enter

npm install node-red-contrib-twc-weather

and receive the following error:

Refusing to install package with name 
under a package also called
Did you name your project the same 
as the dependency you're installing?

I run:

% npm list node-red -g --depth=3  

and get:

└── node-red@1.0.6 

Where do I find the node-red-contrib-twc-weather that it said already exists?


hi @DHK, welcome to the Node-RED forums.
That's quite a peculiar error you're getting. For verification purposes, can you give the path to the directory from where you're executing the npm install node-red-contrib-twc-weather command, and have you tried installing it from the palette instead (From within Node-RED, click the 3 horizontal dashes -> manage palette -> all nodes -> search for "twc-weather" and install the specific node from there)

The exact error you get suggests that you're in a folder that has a package.json file, and that in that file there's the definition for a javascript package with the name node-red-contrib-twc-weather. Which might make sense if the folder you're in has similar content, or not at all in other circumstances.

@afelix Thanks, you got me over the hump of my first day using node-red. Have a flow working now and just have to learn about adding things to it. Fun stuff.... Turns out adding from the pallette was the key.