Cannot interact with any buttons on nodes (timestamps, debug nodes) Cannot see values and trigger times of nodes

Hey there, guys! Can anyone tell me why I cannot press the timestamp button in any of my flows? The debug button also doesn't work :confused: I have to keep reloading the page until it does. Homeassistant's companion app and other browsers behave similarly. Uninstalling most of the pallets I installed in the past months hasn't made any difference. Log seems to be clear, except for this : "[warn] Projects disabled : editorTheme.projects.enabled=false"

This was the only way to capture the cursor, so I apologize for not posting a printscreen.

Thank you for your suggestions !

I have occasionally noticed this in Node-RED v3 and above, usually a redeploy fixed it for me.

However that "[warn] Projects disabled : editorTheme.projects.enabled=false" is not an issue, it's simply telling you that the editor is not running in projects mode (multiple projects).

You might try navigating to .node-red/node_modules and running "npm update"

Also see thread Upgrading to version 3 on windows, Inject nodes disabled

Thank you for suggestion, but I am not really sure where to find the .node-red/node_modules. I have it installed using the HomeAssistant addon, so it may be different :confused: . The version I am running is v3.0.2

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