Can't load Node-Red along side Hoobs 3 on a Pi4


I've looked through the forum and discovered two other posts with the same issue as me. I attempted to load Node-Red alongside Hoobs3. On the hoobs 3 website they claim this can be done here Anyhow, i've followed the directions and everything seemed to load correctly, but I can never access Node-Red on port 1880. The hoobs website says I should be able to access it at hoobs.local:1880 , but it will never load up the node red UX. Any help is appreciated. I am also very new to this so not great at troubleshooting on my own. Thank you.

Not sure what hoobs does; it is homebridge with the gui plugin with using different colors and you have to pay for it ?

.local might not always work, depending on your lan settings (some routers advertise the local domain as something else). Try the ip address instead. http://<ip>:1880


Thanks for your reply. Yes, Hoobs is a way to access and load homebridge and simplifies it into a very nice UX. It is free, but also has some paid options. I think it is great so far. Others who use it have been able to run Node-Red along side of it, but I just can't get it to work. I did try accessing it through the IP address, no luck there...

Maybe follow this:

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