Crazy question for the weekend - buy nodes as NFT

Would you buy (or better bid for) a node as NFT to support the project?

I feel a little bit attracted to the debug node cause it listens (to the problems we have) and answers most of our questions :heart_eyes:

Ok, I'll bite.

Yeah, you supplied a link to explain what you mean by NFT.

But then you go on to say....

cause it listens (to the problems we have) and answers most of our questions

At this point I am confused.

Don't most of your questions get answered here?

I just realized that the wiki page is a bit too complicated. Google will provide you with simple explanations what NFTs are.

This is a hypothetical question, I don't need help atm :wink:

So you would bid for us regular helpers? :joy::joy:

@Trying_to_learn don't worry, you're not alone...

Cryptocurrency hurts my head (or in Geordie, horts me heed / does me nut in)


You are Geordie?

(North England)

Totally! But the way you put it sounds not right :joy:

No, I think NTF’s are ridiculous. They sound like another way to relieve honest people of their hard earned money.


Wye aye man :smiley: .

Yes, I am.

(Sorry.... )

So do you know Sarah Millican? :wink:

I see a lot of her on QI and maybe 8 out of 10 cats.

She's funny.

What part? I'm (was) from around BlackHill, Consett.

No but a close friend went to school with her (so hope to meet her one day)

South Shields, north east coast (like Jade and Sarah)

Only a few miles away.

@rko, sorry (you started this "crazy" nonsense :joy:)

I believe where I'm from is a stone's throw from New Castle.

It is aye. (14 mile is definitely a stone's throw colloquially speaking)

I hope you you are not starting to use posh words now you've joined FlowForge?


I gave up already :roll_eyes:

Edit: But, I might sell this conversation as NFT in a few years and buy you guys a :beer:


Small world, i'm just down the road in billingham.

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I claim Top Trump - I'm from Newcastle :slight_smile:


Haven't been oot on the toon for a reet while me... miss it mesalf!

(I'm actually a posh Londoner, but I have a special place in me heart for Newcastle)


I've gone right off Newcastle today :wink:

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Justin Bieber just bought an NFT for $1.3 million .. just saying :wink:

It's crazy. How many homeless, starving people around the world could benefit from that kind of money. Truly sad IMO.