Dashboard 2 Gauge widget shows node is invalid, but

Using dashboard 2 the node shows "invalid configuration" in the editor after what I believe to be a valid configuration, and produces a warning when deployed. The gauge preforms as expected in the UI. What am I missing?

Here is the config:

       "id": "aaccc6694f2b5ec2",
       "type": "ui-gauge",
       "z": "11955e3cf0059472",
       "name": "Temperature",
       "group": "fe8855cd4ee11c70",
       "order": 1,
       "width": "2",
       "height": "2",
       "gtype": "gauge-half",
       "gstyle": "needle",
       "title": "Temperature",
       "units": "Deg F",
       "icon": "",
       "prefix": "",
       "suffix": "",
       "segments": [
               "from": "50",
               "color": "#5cd65c"
               "from": "85",
               "color": "#ffc800"
               "from": "100",
               "color": "#ea5353"
       "min": "50",
       "max": "100",
       "sizeThickness": "10",
       "sizeGap": 4,
       "sizeKeyThickness": 8,
       "styleRounded": true,
       "styleGlow": false,
       "className": "",
       "x": 970,
       "y": 220,
       "wires": []
       "id": "fe8855cd4ee11c70",
       "type": "ui-group",
       "name": "Foyer",
       "page": "a55e1258ae64ae6c",
       "width": "6",
       "height": "1",
       "order": 1,
       "showTitle": true,
       "className": "",
       "visible": "true",
       "disabled": "false"
       "id": "a55e1258ae64ae6c",
       "type": "ui-page",
       "name": "Page 2",
       "ui": "0ad92617acc9f9fa",
       "path": "/page2",
       "icon": "home",
       "layout": "grid",
       "theme": "",
       "order": 2,
       "className": "",
       "visible": true,
       "disabled": false
       "id": "0ad92617acc9f9fa",
       "type": "ui-base",
       "name": "My Dashboard",
       "path": "/dashboard",
       "includeClientData": true,
       "acceptsClientConfig": [
       "showPathInSidebar": false,
       "showPageTitle": true,
       "navigationStyle": "default",
       "titleBarStyle": "default"

Can you share a screenshot from the Editor please? And of the error message itself?

Config seems sensible

Thank You!

Okay, sometimes this happens if you've imported a flow, and we get a conflict. I suspect the actual problem is in the "Page 2" config node (you can click "Edit" next to the "Page 2" entry in the Dashboard 2.0 sidebar), but its trickling down to anything else on that page too

Thank you Joe!
I made an edit to the page 2 config by changing the theme and the configuration now works normally. As a note I did import the flow, deleted the old Dashboard 1 UI nodes and then added the new nodes into the flow. This was a test before I migrated my app to D2 now I know where to look... Maybe I should look at your converter as an option.

Thanks Again!

Thanks for the update Jim. For what it's worth, you can use D1.0/2.0 side-by-side as they deploy to different URLs.

The migration service is really useful as it'll auto setup all of your pages, groups, etc. from your existing Dashboards. Otherwise, it's quite a mundane task

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Thanks for the tip. I've been building this home automation app for four years and it has become quite large...


Wait until you've been going for over 10 years. :wink: :rofl:

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