Firestick and alexa.remote2 palette

Has anyone got the firestick to work with alexa.remote2 palette?

Have you manage to install Node-red with Termux?

I have it running on and android 6 mbox 2/16GB device with no issues. Would be difficult using it on a firestick with no keyboard or mouse.

Sorry. I probably should have provided some more detail.
I have node red running fine in docker container with the alexa.remote2 palette installed.
I can used the alexa nodes to listen to my echo dots and run further automations.
But I can't seem to get any messages in a debug node when I turn on my firesick or select any apps etc.
I have tried a whole bunch of different nodes in the palette and none seem to recognise the fire stick actions

To clarify you are saying when you talk to alexa app on firestick you don't get any events in the remote2 node.

Didnt know there was an alexa app for firestick (at least not in aus)
For now, im just trying to get any firestick cmd/action to show in a debug node
Using device activity, it listens to an echo and shows info in debug

But i dont know what node to pick so i can see activity from the firestick

None of those node or the remote2 are going to give you a msg in the event block about commands on the firestick. As far as i am aware you would need the alexa app on the firestick.

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Ok then....Thanks for confirming
Was driving me nuts trying all different nodes

Ill look into the alexa app on firestick


You can also use Ultimate Alexa app also, this may be easier to put on a fire stick

Never heard of it before. I will check it out

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