[Flexdash] Which url on home assistant?

I've installed nodered as addon on home assistant.
I've installed flexdash via Manage Palette (@flexdash/node-red-fd-corewidgets)
I've load the Hello world example
and now, i don't find the url to go to see my dashboard...

Any ideas ? Thanks in advance !

The correct access url should be http://ha-dev2.local:1880/flexdash (if you access your node-RED on port 1880).
Have you tried restarting node-RED?

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Finally, it works after restarting home assistant and use the url
Thanks for you help !

Is that not the URL that is shown in the FlexDash Dashboard config node edit panel (what @smanjunath211 pasted)? Or was the issue that HA needed a restart?


It was a problem with the restart, but you also need to change the port.

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