Get rid of the warnings gridstack.min.css and lodash.min.js not found?

My node red spawns the warnings and its annoying. I tried to fix it by installing node lodash but that didn´t help.

That's a curious error, and certainly one that you shouldn't be seeing. Can you explain how you installed Node-RED, and how you installed the node-red-dashboard node on it?

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Well its some month ago and I used the official documentation to install it on raspberry.... I dont remember any detail.... I am unsure if it has to do with mDashboard what I accidentally installed and tried to deinstall... That went wrong (node red didnt work propper) and I had to install it again to make NR work again. I would be glad to get rid of that mDashboard too.... but that may be another thing.
I cant complain about any other errors beside that my node red seems tu run fine.

Can you open the palette (3 horizontal dashes top right -> manage palette -> tab "installed nodes"), then look for node-red-dashboard and/or mDashboard and see what they show for version numbers?


You might need an expert user to look along here, @dceejay, as it shows both node-red-contrib-mdashboard and node-red-dashboard are in use, and as far as I know those have conflicting names and can't be in use together at the same time. I've a meeting in a couple minutes and have to leave now, but I think your first step should be to find all active nodes belonging to mdashboard and removing them from your flow (that includes configuration nodes). Then checking the palette again and see if you can remove mdashboard.

OK, thank you so far.
I never used mDashboard nodes from that point it should be ok to remove it.
I disabled it in the configuration:

Disabling the nodes in the configuration isn't enough. You have to delete them in order to deinstall it, as otherwise Node-RED will say in the palette that the nodes are in use (im Gebrach), and you won't be able to remove (entfermen) it.

Thx! after removing it, I had no more warnings and everything seems to be okay.

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