Google Cloud node in node-RED


I am trying to install " Google Cloud node " on my edge gateway device.
But failed to install, please see the error screenshot & error in log --right side.

Could you please suggest why such error & what should be solution?


Both tell you to look at the actual log, but have you tried googling ENETUNREACH?

Which tells you that it couldn't establish a connection to the location it is trying to download the node from.


How/where I can get this debug.log?
npm ERR! /opt/node-red/.userdir/ .npm/_logs/2019-01-29T14_58_52_978z-debug.log

@Madhumati that is a file on the device running node-red. Only you know what that device is and how you access it to look at files on there.

If you are still trying to resolve the ENETUNREACH error, then that log won't tell you anything more than you already have. The device has not been able to access the npm servers to download the package.

@Madhumati what you may not appreciate is that while your desktop/laptop browser may have an internet connection (permitting you to search for new nodes in the palette), the actual edge device running node-red may not have internet. It's the edge device running node-red that does the actual download of new nodes not your browser.

Perhaps there is a proxy between the device and the internet? Perhaps it needs a reboot?

Should have checked the date of this thread. DOH.

Still... hopefully relevant for anyone searching that error.