How read data from balance (Serial port rs232 ) available on the network

Hi, I need to connect a balance that use a serial port rs232, that it is connected in another terminal, but available on the network and visible from an ip server. That's ip server it's a moxa server and could manage settings of balance.
How can read data from this balance?
I've tryed to use serial node and then to use tcp node.. But in the serial node i don't know what i have to insert in "Serial Port".

If it is a serial server then you will need to use TCP (or UDP) with settings that match the serial server setup.

Unless, you use a virtual comm that can connect to the serial server - then you would use the serial node.

To support what Stephen says, the TCP request node could do the trick, go read from the server at the known IP address and port it's waiting on.
for example:

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