How to fix data from sensor?

I received data from sensor. but I don't know type of data
how can I do.

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And we don't know type of sensor, or why it is coming in on a TCP node, or how that node, or the function one, is setup...

Please supply details about your issue so someone can better assist.

Thank you.

This is thickness sensor it used interface for data output Ethernet (TCP/IP) and transmission type is server/TCP.
I want it to show the thickness value. But I don't understand what kind of data it is.
please recommend me, Thank you.

You will have to find the datasheet for that specific sensor and read what data format it uses. Without that information it's going to be nearly impossible for anybody to help you with this.

The Manufacturer / part number?

You are not helping us to help you.

I'm sorry
This Thickness sensor of Micro epsilon
thicknessSENSOR (
I want to study but I don't understand.

OK, so you have the data sheet, you need to read it and try to work out how to decode the information.

Once you have tried if you still can't get it to work you can come back and explain clearly what you tried and how it didn't work and we might be able to help you fix it.

Yes' I have tried to read it and what I know about this is using ethernet protocol, whereas sensor is Server/TCP If I use its software I can see that it shows normal numeric values.
I'm trying to track by using the red node instead of its software to show the values, but what I don't understand is what kind of data does it display, or what should I do so that it can display the values that match the values shown in its software.

Thank you

Hi @PNWw

unfortunately I don't think anyone here will have a one-line answer that solves this for you.

The data sheet describes the data format it uses in a lot of detail. The task in hand is to spend some time using the data sheet to start picking apart the bytes the sensor is sending. That isn't something we can easily do for you.

I suspect the node-red-contrib-buffer-parser (node) - Node-RED node will be able to help - but you still need to translate the information from the data sheet about the data format into a configuration for that node.

Thank you.
I will try to follow the instructions.

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