IE11 All nodes from all flows shown at once (each tab looks the same)

I'm sure this will be something on my setup but I thought I'd post it to see if anyone else is getting this? and what (if anything) the DEVs would like me to try / check before I rebuild / repair.

Normally I don't use IE11 but as it was recently posted, my CRON+ node doesn't show on IE I thought as I'm stood down from work (bloody coronavirus) I shall attempt to fix it.

So I fired up IE11 on my dev laptop and this is what I see...


  • Node v10.15.3
  • NPM 6.13.7
  • node-red 1.0.0.beta-4

I note you're on a beta release - 1.0.0-beta.3.

I know some IE11 fixes went in after that. You may want to upgrade to a stable release and double check if its reproducable.

No bother Nick, will update & feedback.

PS. its all ok in chrome.

PS2, it was beta.4


if that makes any difference?

So updating to node-red v1.0.4 seems to have solved the IE11 issue - but also some of my locally installed nodes have disapeared. Will re-install one at a time and check again.

If something messes IE up again, I will let you all know which node is the culprit

Can't see the problem - looks normal to me :grinning:


Julian, that's part of getting past 60 :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I've attended so many COVID related emergency meetings today and spent so long with headphones on staring at the screen that I'm surprised I can see anything at all!

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Potentially something was messed up on my laptop - but ultimately updating NR to 1.0.4 solved this. Cheers.

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